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Welcome, welcome! I’m Madison, a northern California wedding photographer. I went to business school to make businesses look good and now I make couples look good instead. I’m a hybrid photographer, which means I photograph weddings with both digital and film photography, giving you a soft, beautiful look and true-to-life skin tones in every image.

While I’m known for that gorgeous film aesthetic and unlimited wedding galleries, I don’t just book any wedding. In fact, if we’re not the right fit, I’ll refer you to someone who is. I truly believe stunning photos and relationships go hand in hand. And you deserve that more than anything on the best day of your life.

So, my team and I take on a limited number of weddings per year to ensure that you get the unique attention you deserve from real-life people who understand you, and are there to guide you. The first step is booking a complimentary consultation to make sure we’re those people for you.

My specialty as a northern California wedding photographer?

Helping Sophisticated Couples Capture Every Ounce Of Love

Helping Sophisticated Couples Capture Every Ounce Of Love

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Classy film and digital photos, true to life editing, communication to keep everything in sync, and relationships that go way beyond serving as your “photographer,” this rare approach of mine has been 9 years in the making. It’s all tailored to you.


An Experience Tailor-Made For

From posing to timelines and locations, you want to work with a photographer who knows exactly what they’re doing, and who will make you feel just as capable and comfortable along the way.

You’re looking for a photographer who will make your life easier.


Instagram fiance is already your title, and your phone is full of photos from your oceanside dates, weekend hikes and travel escapades. You can never choose just one photo and you always take more photos than you need, so of course, you want a similar level of unending photos for your wedding.

You can never have enough photos.


Sophisticated, charming and just a tad intoxicating — you’re planning a dreamy, cultivated wedding and need photos to match. You want to avoid trends and overedited looks in exchange for tasteful, elegant photos that will never go out of style.

You love to travel; even if your wedding is local, you want a destination feel.


Your friends will call you out for it — you’re a go-getter, a mover and a shaker. But on allll of the days, you want your wedding day to feel relaxed, yet organized, and with someone else managing the finer details so you don’t have to.

You’re known for taking the lead, but want to hand off that role for your wedding day.


Stressing out about your wedding, on top of your job and day-to-day responsibilities, is not an option. You’re looking for attention to detail and a level of trust that puts stress on the shelf, and instead, makes your wedding feel like a European vacation with top-shelf wine. (I’m not a planner, but I’m as organized as one!)

You believe that stress can be avoided with proper planning.


We’re A Good Fit If...


I dream of having a little farm with all the animals. My veggie garden suffices for now!


I used to be a board member for my neighborhood HOA.


I am obsessed with reformer pilates (I am a certified coach, but don't teach currently).


I love to travel and learn about other cultures. We had a destination wedding in Maui in 2019. Our guests were not the least bit surprised that we were having a wedding out of state because travel is such a big part of our lives.


I drink iced coffee even in the dead of winter. I can count on one hand the amount of times I have hot coffee in a year.


I own a brick and mortar studio in the heart of my hometown. Check it out!


I am absolutely a people person and being around our friends is the best. Make it an outdoor function and I am the happiest ever!


Madison's life

A Quick Glance at

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Bringing a timely and lively, yet calming presence to wedding days is our jam. At least, that’s what we’re told. Oh and, we will most likely end up on the dance floor to maybeeee bust a move or two (once all the major moments have concluded, of course).

Photographers & Dog Parents

Meet The Northern California Wedding Photography Team

The official studio greeter, Bailey is our pride and joy. She is an English Cream Golden Retriever and she goes everywhere with me (except weddings).
It’s weird to say, but Bailey makes me so proud to be a dog mom.
We have about a thousand quirky nicknames for her and there is a new nickname practically every week. She is our little white polar bear. She is OBSESSED with the pool and will do her best to hide on the step from us so she doesn't have to get out (even though we can completely see her).
 Yes, we take her on vacations too — paddleboarding at Tahoe (she's a pro at sitting while we go!) or snowshoeing. She is definitely the studio mascot, and her grandparents spoil her when us parents are away at a destination wedding. 


Second shooter and my husband too, Brennan is literally my right-hand man. We’ve tag-teamed weddings since 2015 to get every angle possible — the bride and her girls getting ready while the guys practice their golf swings.
Our couples absolutely love having Brennan as a part of the team. We almost don't have to even say anything to each other and he can tell what I need help with, or he has already taken care of it. 
He’s the main digital photographer, while I focus on film photography shots. 
Brennan used to play baseball in the minor leagues for the St. Louis Cardinals. I spent 6-7 months out of the year flying back and forth from the west coast to Florida or wherever he was playing. 


Lead photographer and studio manager — that’s me! I’m known as the personable point person for planning, editing and answering any questions that come up along the way. My photography career began in college when the requests for senior portraits and weddings never stopped flowing. 
Fun fact — I photographed my first wedding with my best friend’s help, and now I get to work with my husband instead. 
Entrepreneurship runs in my blood — my dad and aunt run their own businesses so it’s no wonder that I get a kick out of creating a process for every possible thing.
I have a bachelor’s degree in business marketing and pride myself on organization and trustworthiness. 


“Katie and Jack were absolutely amazing!!! Wow! Everyone commented how awesome they were and sooooo nice. Always checking in and making sure we were doing great. They captured the day with perfection!! Literally still dreaming about yesterday! Thank you so so much! You, Katie, and Jack are (fire emoji)! I literally could not have asked for a better team!!!"

An incredible human, and also part of a husband and wife team, Katie is my go-to associate photographer. She’s the one that you can choose to work with if I’m already booked for your date. Owner of a pop-up photobooth company and a talented photographer, you’ll adore her (and her husband, Jack) just as much as I do!

my wingwoman and her wingman

Meet The Madison Lauren Photography Team

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I’m based in the small town of Loomis, just outside of Sacramento, CA. I travel the world, documenting love and creating an experience for couples that is international, yet intimate. I’ll miss my dog, but it’ll be so worth it to meet you and tell your love story like never before.

Northern California Wedding Photographer

Northern California Wedding Photographer

Traveling to a Destination Near You

Madison Lauren Photography is a traveling California engagement and wedding photographer for couples that creates magic with modern, romantic wedding photos. She's based in Sacramento, but serves clients in Northern California, Lake Tahoe, and beyond.