My 2016 Recap.

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2016, you have been quite a year. I finally had a little time to spend the afternoon reflecting on what the past year held for me. Better late than never, right?!

This last year was nothing close to easy, but it was also filled with the best experiences and accomplishes I’ve had yet. Between balancing my final semester of college, taking 24 units to graduate in 4 years, losing two of my loving grandmothers, visiting 17 new cities, 9 states, 3 countries, and taking 25 flights… You could say it was a roller coaster year, but I loved every minute of it. I got to backpack through Europe with my best friend for a month and have learned that no matter where you go in the world, you can feel at home with the right person.

Balance was the biggest lesson I learned this year. Between going to school full time, being in a bicoastal relationship, and running my photography business I had many sleepless nights and one or two meltdowns. BUT it was all worth it because I learned that I CAN balance it all, and have a little bit of fun traveling around map to see my honey along the way. (HOLLA at all those quick weekend trips and flight delays making them even shorter, but still worth it!)

I don’t think I could have met nicer, more welcoming brides and families this past year and can’t wait to continue doing so! I am so lucky to have such wonderful people come into my life from photography and through my love’s baseball travels. I was SHOCKED at how welcoming and kind midwesterners are. Us Californian’s need to visit for a week and learn from them… Seriously!

Another huge part of my year was loss. As I boarded my plane to Paris and said goodbye to my Grandma on the phone, I had no idea it would be the last goodbye I would get to say to her. I told her I would be sending photos to her soon from our trip and she was filled with joy in anticipation to hear our soon to be travels and stories. As hard as it was to get the news that she passed during the first week of our three week trip, it was also a blessing. I never thought I would say it was a blessing, but I was much more open to new experiences and I was able to celebrate her infectious love for life everywhere we went throughout Europe. Cheers to you Grandma, I hope to have half the life you had.

For this year I hope to continue traveling to new places and I am beyond excited for my brides this upcoming 2017 wedding season and for the start of SPRING TRAINING coming! This next year is going to be full of changes, travels, and post-grad reality, but I cannot wait for every second of it.

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