How to take the perfect travel selfie!

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A lot of you have been asking if I have someone take my photos on trips or how I take “selfies” and photos with Brennan while traveling or even at home. I’m going to let you in on a secret: I grab my tripod, set up the shot, start the 10 second self-timer and run.

Over the years I have my fair share of embarrassing moments involving my tripod and a LOT of stares from people, but its the name of the game! I’ve learned to be okay with the embarrassment of the tripod if we are able to save the memories and get some vacation photos out of it! (;

Step 1: Setting up the shot! Whether it is taken with a tripod or the camera is passed off to Brennan (or holllaaa at my mom for always being more than willing) I set up the composition, check the lighting, set the manual camera settings, and then take a test shot of whoever is lending a hand before jumping in front of the lens.

Step 2: Test shots! More times than not, I make Brennan stand exactly where I want to be in the photo and take a few shots to make sure the composition and settings are just the way I want it. I do the exact same thing if I was setting my camera on the tripod to make sure the focus and settings are correct before starting the timer (or even asking a stranger to help out by taking a photo of the two of us). PLUS, you’ll get some great shots of your man, mama, or BFF in the process. (:

Step 3: Jumping in front of the lens! After taking a test shot that works, I show Brennan exactly how I want the image framed & use his photo for an example to match. There have been plenty of times where he isn’t thrilled at first, but the second they are edited he is asking me to send them his way.. (: WORTH IT! If its on the tripod and no one else is there to help, I will turn on my canon app and control the timer & shutter from my phone! I can even see the live mode of what the camera can see (its in the “communication” settings on the Canon 5d Mark IV). It is perfect to be able to check the framing and my spot, eliminating extra embarrassment!

**Tip: practice in the house before trying in public. It’ll eliminate the issues you may run into & will make you more confident setting it up in a busy place.

Step 4: Take the shot! Do your thing and snap away!! Luckily, Brennan is pretty willing to help & loves to get photos together on our trips or with our pup, Bailey.

One of the funniest memories was when we were in Tahoe trying to get a picture of us with Bailey in the snow and the sweetest man offered to take the picture for us because he saw me running and setting the timer. It was SOO kind of him to offer, but he missed Brennan & cut off his head in the shot. We sat there and waited until the guy walked far enough away and set the timer.. So worth it when you are able to get the shot you want!!

Happy “Selfie”ing!!

brought to you by a tripod & self timer!



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